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What are the steps for implementing proactive chat?

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If your library decides to implement proactive chat, the AskAway Admin Centre and LibraryH3lp Support are available to provide implementation, technical, and troubleshooting support along the way.

In general, these are the steps for implementing proactive chat:

  1. Choose locations and customizations
    • In consultation with your library colleagues and possibly the Admin Centre, decide where the proactive chat invitation(s) will be located
    • Specify any customizations to the invitation (e.g. colour)
  2. Generate embed code
    • The Admin Centre works with LibraryH3lp to generate or update the embed code for the proactive chat widgets and create a proactive queue for the library
  3. Update website to include proactive chat
    • The code is shared with you for embedding on the website, in databases, etc.
      • Local IT or web support at your library may need to be involved at this stage. The amount of involvement will depend on many factors such as where the widgets are located, who can make changes to the library's website, how complex the changes are, etc. If you have any questions about this prior to starting, don't hesitate to contact the Admin Centre.
  4. Test and resolve issues
    • Test the new widgets to make sure they are displaying and working as expected. Report issues to the Admin Centre.
See the Best Practices for Implementing Proactive Chat for additional guidance.