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How is proactive chat implemented?

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Proactive chat is an optional feature that your library can choose to activate on any one of your library's chat snippets / chat widgets in LibraryH3lp.

Implementing proactive chat on your library's website is similar to implementing current AskAway widgets: it involves adding or updating the chat snippet code on library webpages where you'd like it to appear.‚Äč 

If your library decides to implement proactive chat, LibraryH3lp Support assists with the set-up as they will create a new proactive queue for your library (e.g. yku-proactive) and help with any customizations to the proactive chat invitation (e.g. the color).

If your library wants to activate proactive chat on an existing chat snippet, it can simply be turned on for that snippet. Depending on the webpage where it's being activated and requested customizations, the embed code may need to be updated. You would then need to update or replace the existing code with the updated code.

If your library wants to have proactive chat on a page where chat doesn't currently exist (i.e. there's no existing chat snippet), LibraryH3lp will create a brand new chat snippet that's just for proactive chat and they will send you the new embed code.

To learn more about the implementation process, see the FAQ What are the steps for implementing proactive chat?