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Local Coordinators FAQs

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Access the LibraryH3lp admin dashboard

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To perform local coordinator tasks in LibraryH3lp such as creating accounts, updating your library's policy page, customizing chat boxes, etc. login to the LibraryH3lp Dashboard:

Most local coordinators will login using their library's admin account (e.g. cotr-admin) unless your personal account has been set-up with local coordinator privileges. If you'd like to set-up your personal account with local coordinator privileges, please contact the Admin Centre.

Staffing AskAway?

When you're staffing AskAway, login to the LibraryH3lp Webclient: Please login with your personal account (rather than the admin account) as this will help your colleagues recognize who's on shift with them and will make it easier to search and identify individual service providers in saved transcripts.

Simultaneous Sign-ins

Some libraries may have more than one local coordinator account set-up in LibraryH3lp or may share a single local coordinator account. If this is the case at your library, it's okay for more than one person to be signed into the dashboard at the same time as long as you're not trying to edit the same chat skin or chat snippet simultaneously as edits could be overwritten.