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Embed AskAway in EBSCO databases

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Embedding your library's chat boxes in EBSCO is a great way to increase AskAway's visibility at your library and allows students to access chat support when they need it most: while researching.

Steps to add LibraryH3lp widgets to EBSCO

  1. Login to your library's EBSCO Admin
  2. Click the Viewing Results tab
  3. Beside Widgets click Modify
  4. From the Custom Widgets for: drop-down, select where you'd like the widget to display (Result List or Detailed Record)
  5. To add a new widget, click Add Item
  6. Select the Custom HTML radio button
  7. In the Label field add a name for your widget (e.g. AskAway widget)
  8. Enter a Height
  9. Enter your library's Custom HTML
    • This is where you have 2 options (see below for more details)
  10. Click Submit
  11. Select the Yes radio button to default the widget to be opened
  12. Check the Show box to enable the widget
  13. Click Submit again to save your changes
  14. Test the widget to make sure calls are coming through and to see how it displays when the service is open and closed


Custom HTML Options

Option 1: Use the chat snippet code

Enter your library's LibraryH3lp embedded chat box snippet into the Custom HTML field. See the FAQ Access your library's chat snippet for steps to get this code.

Pro: The customized offline message for AskAway will display when the service is closed.

Con: The referring URL that a service provider sees and that is stored in the session data will not lead to the actual page the patron was on when they initiated chat.


Option 2: Use the custom code template

Enter the custom code template into the Custom HTML field and update it for your library.

Pro: The referring URL will be a permanent link to a page in EBSCO.

Con: There is no option to display a customized offline message.

Here is the custom code template (you will need to update the bolded text for your library):

<script id="libraryh3lp-app" data-plink="ep.PermaLink" data-url="" src=""></script>

YOUR_QUEUE is your library's queue name (e.g. kpu, sfu, sc, etc.)

CHAT_BOX_SKIN_ID for your library can be found by opening your library's simple URL chat box on this page: The skin ID is the last string of numbers in the URL (e.g. 15806)

If you need help identifying your library's queue or skin ID, contact the Admin Centre and we'll be happy to help!


If you have any questions or would like help embedding widgets in EBSCO, contact the Admin Centre and we'll be happy to help.