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Embed AskAway in ProQuest databases

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Embedding your library's chat boxes in ProQuest is a great way to increase AskAway's visibility at your library and allows students to access chat support when they need it most: while researching.

Steps to add LibraryH3lp widgets to ProQuest

  1. ‚ÄčLogin to your library's ProQuest Admin Module
  2. Navigate to User Interface / Branding / Widgets tab
  3. Click the Add widget button
  4. In the Link text field, enter a title for the chat box (e.g. Ask a Librarian)
  5. In the HTML code field, enter your library's embedded chat box snippet
  6. Add widget Width and Height
  7. Check off Include widget directly on results page
  8. Click Save Changes
  9. Test the widget to make sure calls are coming through and to see how it displays when the service is open and closed