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View and download usage statistics for your library

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This FAQ walks through the steps to view and download usage statistics for your library.

For session data, see the FAQ View and download session data for your library.

View and download usage statistics

1. Login to the LibraryH3lp dashboard with your LibraryH3lp admin account

2. Navigate to Chat Reports  in the left-hand menu. You'll be directed to the Report Options screen

3. There are a number of different reports you can run, view, and download: ‌

  • Choose the report you would like to generate from the drop down menu:
    • Recommended Reports:
      • Chats Per Month
      • Chats Per Queue
    • Non-recommended Reports: 
      • Chats Per Protocol (all chats are generally web protocol)
      • Chats Per Profile (does not provide additional information)
  • Enter a Start Date and End Date
    • You can select almost any date range for the reporting period (e.g. January 10 - April 15, 2022)
  • Minimum Chat Duration OR Include Not Answered
    • You can decide if you would like to include chats that were not answered (i.e., no chat duration), or set a minimum chat duration:
    • Minimum Chat Duration
      • You can set the minimum chat duration of chats to be included in the report, in seconds
      • By default, this is set to 45 seconds
  • Select the appropriate queue(s)
    • There are 2 approaches to selecting queues:
      • If you want usage data for the full AskAway service:
        • Use the 'Queue' heading to select all queues
        • Deselect askaway-practice, askaway-testing, and askaway-testing-proactive to remove chats from training and practice sessions


  • ​​If you want usage data for your institution only: 
    • Use the 'Queue' heading to deselect all queues
    • Scroll through and select the queue for your institution
    • Remember to also select the proactive chat queue, if applicable for your institution 

  • Click Generate Report

4. You will see the following:

  • a graphical representation of the data
  • the number of chats below, and
  • the Total number of chats


5. To download the data, click the    button at the bottom right