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Gather session data and transcripts for your library

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There are a few different places where you can gather session data, transcripts, and statistics for your library. This FAQ covers session data and transcripts. To learn how to gather usage statistics, see the FAQ Gather usage statistics for your library.

View session data (AskAway website)

Monthly session data is available to download from the AskAway website session data page. Session data provides information for individual sessions and currently includes:

  • Date and time started (also broken down by date only and time only)
  • Patrons institution
  • Session time
  • Wait time
  • Descriptive tags
  • Referring URL

To view data for your library only, filter the Patrons Institution column and select your institution only.

View session data and transcripts (LibraryH3lp dashboard)

You can also gather session data and transcripts for your library from the LibraryH3lp admin dashboard.

View session data and transcripts

  1. Login to the dashboard with your LibraryH3lp admin account
  2. Navigate to Chat History in the left-hand menu (top menu item)
    • Note: the Chat History and Activity area includes transcripts and session data for *all* AskAway institutions.
    • Please *do not* delete anything!
  3. To view a transcript, click on the chat and a transcript will pop-up below
  4. To conduct an Advanced Search of session data and transcripts, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the search bar
  5. There are many options for limiting your search, but here are some ways to narrow your search that you may find helpful:
    • from date / to date: narrow your search within a date range
    • queue*: enter your library's queue acronym to limit to results from your library only (e.g. sfu)
    • referrer*: to see calls originating from a particular webpage, enter a referring URL
    • tag*: to see calls by descriptive tag (e.g. research, citation, eresources access, etc.)
  6. Most fields can be searched with the following wildcards and boolean:
    • * for partial matches (e.g. bird* for birds, birding, birder etc.)
    • ? to replace any single character (e.g. b?rd)
    • ! to omit exact matches (e.g. use !chat to omit results that contain the word chat)
    • " " to search a phrase (e.g. "house finch")
  7. Once you've set your search parameters, click the blue search button to retrieve results

Download session data and transcripts

  1. To download session data and transcripts (after you've narrowed the list of results), click the blue "download all chats" button (cloud icon)
  2. Decide if you would like to download metadata only or the transcripts too
  3. Select which data you would like to include or exclude
    • The following fields are recommended: queue, date and/or time started, wait, duration, referrer, tags
    • Note: AskAway does not collect guest IP so this field will be blank
  4. Select the format for the downloaded file
  5. You can also decide if you would like to hide the name of the operator (i.e. service provider)
  6. Click Download and this will download a file to your local computer
  7. Once downloaded, you may wish to delete any questions with the "practice" and/or "test" tags
  8. You may also wish to add meaningful headings in your downloaded spreadsheet, for example:
    • started, date and time combined > Date and Time Started
    • queue > Patrons Institution
    • duration > Session Time
    • wait > Wait Time
    • tags > Descriptive Tags
    • referrer > Referring URL