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Edit or create a new embedded chat box for your library

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What this FAQ covers

This FAQ covers how you can edit an existing or create a new embedded chat box (i.e. chat snippet) for your library.

There are a few situations where you might need more than one chat box for your library:

  • You need chat boxes that have different widths / heights
  • You need chat boxes that have different appearances (e.g. background color, etc.)


Chat Snippets

Edit an existing snippet

  1. To get started, login to the LibraryH3lp Dashboard 
  2. Navigate to the "Chat Snippets" area in the left-hand menu (look for the < > icon)
  3. By default, each library has three snippets:
    • Embedded chat box
      • ‚ÄčIn this FAQ, we'll cover how to make changes to the embedded chat box only, as this is the most commonly used snippet. If you'd like to make any changes to your library's chat button or tab, please contact the Admin Centre and we'll be happy to help.
    • Chat button
    • Chat tab
  4. Click your library's embedded chat box to select it
  5. Click the "EDIT" button
  6. Using widget #XXXXX:
    • If you'd like to change the chat skin that this snippet is using, click the chat box preview under "Routing for incoming chats"
    • Here you can select which chat skin you'd like to display for this snippet
    • To learn how you can change your library's chat skin and create new skins, see the FAQ Customize the appearance of your library's chat boxes
  7. Height and width
    • Here you can adjust the size of the chat box. By default the width is set to 100% so that it fills the space of any container, making it more responsive.

Create a new embedded chat box snippet

If you want to create a new embedded chat box snippet altogether, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the LibraryH3lp Dashboard 
  2. Navigate to the "Chat Snippets" area in the left-hand menu (look for the < > icon)
  3. Click the "+ADD" button
  4. Name:
    • Give your snippet a descriptive name (e.g. KPU Embedded Chat Box EBSCO)
  5. Chat widget style:
    • Select "embedded"
    • If you'd like to create a new pop-up (i.e. button or tab), please contact the Admin Centre
  6.  Routing for incoming chats
    • Make sure "Send chats to:" is set to your library's queue
  7. Click on the widget preview to select the skin you want to use
  8. Height and Width:
    • It's ideal to set the width to 100% so that the chat box will fill the space of any container, making it more responsive
  9. Please do NOT add a Service Rollover as this is configured separately by LibraryH3lp
  10. Offline appearance:
    • The current offline appearance we have for AskAway is highly customized, so you will need to go back to one of your existing embedded chat boxes and grab the code. Follow these steps to do so:
    1. Click "Save" to save the snippet you're currently working on
    2. From your list of chat snippets, select the "embedded chat box" that your library currently uses
    3. Click "EDIT"
    4. In the "Offline appearance" area, copy the code in the text box
    5. Return to the new chat snippet you just created and paste the code into the "Offline appearance" box
  11. Click "Save" to save your changes
  12. You can now grab the embed code for this new chat snippet from the main chat snippets page


Any time you make changes to your library's chat snippets or create new ones, make sure to test them when online and offline. Here are some things to look for:

  • Online: does the chat route to the appropriate queue?
  • Online: is the appearance as expected?
  • Offline: is the AskAway offline message displaying?
  • Offline: when you click the "contact us" link, does it direct to the appropriate page or email address?